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About Magnify

Magnify is a flagship event by KrASIA, incepted to help our valued members better understand the evolving business landscape in Asia.

By leveraging on our strengths in regional markets, every Magnify event zooms into thriving industries in a country to provide the audience with actionable insights.

About the Event

COVID-19 is a Pandora's box; harbinger of isolation, sickness and death. The pandemic also turned the tide for economies across the globe, reversing years of progress. 

As 2020 draws to a close and we enter a new decade, we zoom into China — the nation that has bounced back faster than any other. 

Magnify will bring you close to China's noteworthy startups in today's hottest industries: Consumption, Education, Healthcare and Enterprise Solutions. 

Learn how they built robust technologies and agile business models that have allowed them to emerge from a trying year as winners in their own rights.

This private event will be held in Chinese with English subtitles.


18 December


2 pm - 5 pm

GMT+8 (Singapore, Beijing)





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    Our Panellists

    Managing Partner

    Meridian Capital China

    Alex Wang

    Founder & CEO

    ViaX Online Education

    Ariel Zeng 


    Genetron Health

    Evan Xu

    Founder & CEO


    Ke Ke


    Soup Master

    Michaelia Zhu

    Managing Partner


    Nelson Zhao

    Executive Director

    BlueRun Ventures China

    Qin Zheng

    Board Chairman and GM


    Shi Wenyong

    Co-founder & VP of Product


    Venny Fu


    Gobi Partners China

    Wing Hu



    Yichuan Hu

    Co-founder & President


    Yu Dachuan

    With special appearance by:

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief,


    Quan Changlian

    The Programme

    2:00 PM


    2:15 PM


    Consumption is inexplicably intertwined with our daily lives and is a powerful engine that stimulates economic growth. We recognise that the pandemic has altered our habits and behaviour, but on a macro level, how does that impact consumer demand in the long term, and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead?

    Within the food subcategory, competition is rife, yet we see new entrants with little to no experience in F&B. How do these brand grow from obscurity to influencer status? Are such brands thriving simply because of clever marketing? Will this space continue to foster entrepreneurship sustainably?

    3:00 PM

    Enterprise Services

    Despite evolving into a red ocean, enterprise services has retained its popularity with investors. It owns the largest slice of the pie, in terms of total amount of capital raised and fundraising activity.

    Will the exponential demand — that was driven by a market-wide SaaS craze and outsourcing of basic services — sustain in the coming years? How would the industry evolve? What innovation or subcategories are expected to emerge? Can we anticipate the rise of a global enterprise services giant as there are in the US?

    3:45 PM


    Although 2020 was not a year of explosive growth in total market value for China's maturing education industry, the pandemic undoubtedly brought a spike in user acquisition and traffic. 

    As it continues on its positive growth trajectory, investors are doubling down and companies such as Yuanfudao and Zuoyebang have recently received massive fundings.

    Will China's education industry be dominated and consolidated by these bigger players? What does their extensive reach mean for fledging startups and smaller companies? As students in China return to school, has engagement on education platforms dip, and what would the industry look like in the years ahead?

    4:15 PM


    China's healthcare industry is highly favoured by capital this year, leading in frequency and amount of investments. We are witnessing industry giants dive into new verticals, one after another. Is this driven by the injection of capital or were the opportunities unearthed by the pandemic? 

    Across the board, healthcare products often have similar drug targets and digital technology — how can companies stand out? With high technical barriers to entry and long investment gestation period, such investments are characterised by "high risks and high returns". What are some verticals to watch in the long term?

    4:45 PM


    About KrASIA

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